This blog was created for anyone visiting the Napa Valley and wondering, where should I eat, where should I stay, where should I drink and what in the heck should I wear??  Most important for you, you're getting this information from an INSIDER - need a connection in the Napa Valley, I am your gal!"




Born in the Napa Valley to the best parents in the world! I am proud of my Napa Valley heritage, built on strong values, most of which rely on hard work and making it look like were hardly "working." I mean, the facts don't lie. I live in the Napa Valley, working at a beautiful Winery {Silver Trident Winery} and I'm about to marry the man of my dreams who also happens to work at a lovely little winery {Reverie Vineyards}....Seven months ago we introduced Carmelita our Mini Aussie Shepard into the mix and our life is just one new adventure after another! I love discovering all the new spots opening in Napa, savoring in the old favorites and getting take out from my favorite Mexican spots on the weekdays, cause let's face it, we can't all eat at Bouchon or Bottega every night! I started this journey to create a place for visitors, locals and friends to use as their "Napa Valley Source." Follow me on my constant journey of living, working and loving the Napa Valley!


Four years ago I started a small networking group {BANG = By Appointment Network Group} in hopes that I could bring together people who worked in my same industry, we could network, become friends and refer our clients to each other...This concept really excited people because in our industry it can be really competitive and BANG offered an arena to share information, support each other and more importantly, really support each other's businesses. I feel like blogging is very similar to this business model and I am very excited for all that this journey has to offer. I have spent fourteen years working in the hospitality industry and know a few people, so if you need any advice on where to go for wine, food, sleep or fun in the Napa Valley!



Check out the website for BANG below!