Smile Brilliant: CariPRO Electronic Toothbrush Review

A year ago I was introduced to Smile Brilliant and their whitening regimen. I fell in love with the whitening regimen and saw great results even with having more sensitive teeth. I found the process easy to integrate into my daily life, I would just pop on the whitening trays on my 15 min drive to work and then once I was at work, I would rinse and brush my teeth. After a month my teeth were many shades whiter and brighter. When I was approached to try out their new CariPRO Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush I was ecstatic. As an electronic toothbrush user, It was easy to accept the challenge of using a new brush, and trust me if it wasn’t that great, I wouldn’t be writing this review. I have been sent many products that haven’t been my favorite and I just choose not to post about them, because I don’t want you to buy something I don’t personally love and recommend!