Gran Eléctrica: Napa's Newest Spot For Sunday Brunch

It’s hard to believe just last weekend we were enjoying brunch at Gran Electrica... what a week it has been, spending time with family and friends for thanksgiving ! If your family is still around, I’m sure you’re looking for new places to show them and or thinking ahead for the Christmas holiday visits. I was so pleased to discover the brunch menu at Gran Electrica and highly recommend putting it on your list for your next brunch gathering, dinner and or happy hour spot! 

Tra Vigne Pizzeria: The New Era Of A St. Helena Staple

Tra Vigne Pizzeria has been open for almost 30 years. Located in the heart of St. Helena, across the street from uber famous Gotts Roadside and next door to Merryvale Vineyards, they’re in prime location for visitors passing through town and or staying in St. Helena ! I highly recommend making a specific trip up to taste their latest creations, because they are absolutely slaying the pizza game! After Tra Vigne Restaurant closed two years ago, Executive Chef Anthony “Nash” Cognetti came over to the pizzeria to take over the culinary program and works closely with Chef de Cuisine, Maria Nuno, daughter of David Nuno who earned his stripes as Sous Chef of Tra Vigne Restaurant for many years. She has worked for both the pizzeria and restaurant since she was 16 years old, she knows the traditional recipes and is helping to cultivate the new era of what is now Tra Vigne Pizzeria!

Opening Day On The Bay at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon CA.

Opening Day On The Bay is an historic annual event that celebrates the San Francisco Bay reopening for the summer boating season. Of course boats sail in and out of the bay every day of the year, but if you’re from here you know that the warmer temperatures make the bay that much more pleasant when your being splashed by water that is still only 50 degrees. Lucky for us Servino Ristorante sits on the warmer edges of Tiburon and looks towards San Francisco’s gorgeous cityscape. You get the best of both worlds; water and city views + it’s always 15-20 degrees warmer once you cross over the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin County.