Summer Essentials: Wunder Boutique & Salon

Summer is happening whether or not your body is ready for it! If you’re not ready for a full on bikini fashion show, run to Wunder Boutique & Salon for the best way to accesorize your winter body or if you are ready, your summer bod (ps. Someone please find mine). I picked out my favorite wraps, hats, bags, sunnies and jewels that are beach appropriate and currently in stock for all you Napa gals and tourists alike !

Boho Lifestyle | Spring Dresses | What To Wear Wine Tasting

Spring has been lingering around every corner in the Napa Valley. The mustard came and went and now all the gorgeous cherry trees have blossomed and vineyards are looking alive again after a brief stint of winter from January to February. This means the return of dresses, skirts and flowy linen favorite season of fashion. I don't typically dress based on trends, but when I do need something trendy and on point, I head to Boho Lifestyle in downtown Napa. I seriously will find at least 2-3 things every time I walk in that darn store! This last trip I was scoping dresses for Easter/Mother's Day/Cinco De Mayo/Wine Tasting etc. I was in luck because they had just stocked up on a bunch of fun Spring Dresses ! Below are some of my favorite finds for Spring.....some are still available in stores and some are available online. Make sure to check the links! In reality though this should just serve as inspiration for what you can wear when you come visit Napa Valley....totally my style and not sponsored at all!

Ellie Activewear | 2018 Subscription Review | What I Wear To Sweat

I workout pretty regularly, however lately with the launch of my new business ( and all things VineLiving, Silver Trident Winery (my full time gig) and married life, I have been struggling. The great thing about being an ambassador for Ellie Active Wear, they send you a full set of gear each month, a sports bra, top and pants.($39.95 for all three pieces and includes shipping!). 

Shop Local Series | Wunder Boutique Spring Lookbook

Spring is probably my favorite season. I was born March 28th so you can imagine why! As a young child my uncle would take me shopping for my birthday, he’d get me an entire outfit, head to toe ! So I blame him for this whole shopping addiction and love of new outfits !

What I love most about spring fashion, it can vary from wearing jeans to dresses and skirts, but it’s not so hot or so cold that certain things are off limits, like summer time when jeans are impossible! When it comes to my style, I lean towards lighter, more muted colors, nothing too bright or flashy, but then I throw in a Tropical inspired jumpsuit .... so that must be the Aries in me!

{Shop Local Series: Wunder Boutique Fall Selections}

I love the fact that Wunder Boutique always has the newest and best accessories from Michael Stars! This lightweight beige scarf is the perfect compliment to pretty much ALL outfits. Wear it draped around your neck once, or wrap around and leave the ends loose ! See below for two different ways I styled the scarf! Pretty sure this specific scarf is sold out, but they have so many scarf options, it’s worth a trip to see what’s available !  

{Shop Local Series: Discovering New Shops In Your Own Backyard}

The V Marketplace is located conveniently in the heart of Yountville, California. It was designed to meet tourists shopping needs, but in reality it’s a locals secret weapon ! It is a luxurious combination of high end shops, including: clothing, wine, chocolate, art, toys etc. If you hear me talking about Yountville a lot on my blog, it’s because my full time gig at Silver Trident Winery, is also located there. The town of Yountville was very lucky to have sustained no damage during the deadly wild fires this past week. Unfortunately with the fires surrounding Napa Valley and Sonoma County, lots of roads were closed and so many businesses were closed for 7+ days. If you are considering a vacation, please add Napa to your list! We need your support now more than ever, if you cannot make it here physically, shop online at any of the local stores I will be featuring today!

{Lira Women’s: My Picks For Fall}

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for Southern California brand Lira Clothing. I was first introduced to them when I met the owners celebrating on an anniversary trip to the Napa Valley. My whole life consists of relationships I’ve made from people coming to visit my home town. I feel quite blessed that I get to stay here and everyone comes to me !  This is not a typical scenario for most people though, but I know unlike those that grow up getting to travel the world, I’m counting my blessings for still having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world by living in this dreamy destination!