{Shop Local Series: Wunder Boutique Fall Selections}

{Shop Local Series: Wunder Boutique Fall Selections}


I love the fact that Wunder Boutique always has the newest and best accessories from Michael Stars! This lightweight beige scarf is the perfect compliment to pretty much ALL outfits. Wear it draped around your neck once, or wrap around and leave the ends loose ! See below for two different ways I styled the scarf! Pretty sure this specific scarf is sold out, but they have so many scarf options, it’s worth a trip to see what’s available !  



A kimono is a tough accessory to use in the winter, but with all this heat we’ve been getting lately, I’m pretty sure this piece will still be used well into “winter.” If you live in an area that stays warm, like Florida, Southern California, Texas etc... or if your planning a trip to a tropical destination, run, don’t walk and make sure you get this kimono for your trip! You can order over the phone and have anything shipped from Wunder to your home! It’s a small boutique though, so you have to email or call! This is also Michael Stars :) 



The accessory of the winter season, ponchos are everywhere ! I have personally invested in at least 3 and it’s not even cold here yet ! Supposedly it’s going to rain this weekend, just in time for my Friendsgiving I’m hosting, of course! What I love about ponchos is the fact that you can wear it as a layering piece, so if your working and going out after, it immediately ups the value of your outfit, because as we all know, it’s about versatility!  



Out of everything they offer at Wunder Boutique, my absolute favorite accessory is always their HATS! She carries Michael Stars and Goorin Brother Hats! With so many options, I try to mix it up between structured and the bucket style, but always with a larger brim for that dramatic look. Whatever your style is, you will probably find a hat you love! The two in this shoot were both Michael Stars. I am absolutely loving their fall line!



When you’re looking for a new statement bag for the season, make sure you check out the collection of bags at Wunder ! Everything is mostly under $100 and she carries some wonderful options like this leather messenger bag below and also similar to my blue bag which is from last season !  

Shopping local is the best way to support Napa ! Instead of spending at Big box stores consider popping into Wunder to check out their current selection of Bags,  Scarves, Sunnies, Ponchos and all kinds of other accessories ! 

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