{BottleRock 2017 Fashion Tips- Boho Lifestyle}

{BottleRock 2017 Fashion Tips- Boho Lifestyle}


A few years back the city of Napa became exponentially cooler when the music festival BottleRock came to town. BottleRock is a very unique festival in that the name is derived from its purpose, rock out, while drinking the best wine in the US and eating some of the best food in the US as well! While Coachella is well underway, we still have plenty of festivals to dress up for before the year is over! BottleRock is coming to Napa May 26th - 28th, giving us plenty of time to coordinate three amazing outfits, but keeping in mind the climate of Napa and staying comfortable the whole time. It get's cold here at night, so definitely something to think about when getting ready on an 80 degree day that quickly turns into 58 - 60 degrees at night!

This month I plan to bring you a series of looks that can be purchased at some of my favorite local boutiques. I think it is only fitting to start with Boho Lifestyle, the epitome of BottleRock fashion, all year long! I popped in a week ago to see what else they received for their spring line up. If you haven't been following along, I recently styled a trip to New Orleans HERE with mostly stuff I found at Boho - items that had just made their way to the floor....now two weeks later I am back and they have MORE new stuff, seriously, this place doesn't stop!

I instantly fell for the kimono featured below ($44)! The coolest thing about the kimono is the different ways you can wear it, open, snapped just in the middle, snapped over so it looks like a wrap....it's pretty freaking ingenious! I am SO excited to sport this at BottleRock, it will for sure be part of my uniform.


Styled open and flowing above!


Here it is snapped in the middle!


Here I used the second snap and made it appear like a wrap dress - seriously LOVE this piece!! You could easily throw a lightweight long sleeve shirt and leggings into your bag to change when the temps go down!! Or wear your shortest cut off denim shorts underneath without feeling like everyones getting a glimpse of the goods!


The second item I found was this adorable chambray top that seems to not be available on their site, but they perhaps have it in stock still! Definitely double check with the team at Boho! If they don't have this exact top, they probably have something just like it or cuter!! I decided to style this with my favorite American Eagle cut off black denim shorts, a straw hat I found at Boho ($17 - what a steal!!) and my favorite Mara and Mine Sneakers! 

Fashion Tips:

1. Wear sneakers, comfortable closed toe shoes or booties so you don't have to worry about having dirty feet at the end of the day!

2. Make sure to layer and bring a light sweater, wrap, flannel or sweatshirt you can tie around your waist - it get's cold, you'll thank me later!

3. Crossbody bags are your friend and so are back packs!! I haven't picked one up yet, but Boho had some ADORABLE backpacks for sale that would be perfect for BottleRock! Make sure if you do go cross body style that your bag is big enough to hold all the essentials!

4. Bring a reusable water bottle (my favorite is SWELL bottles), hand sanitizer, sunscreen and sunglasses - these tools are your friend and will keep you safe during the three day extravaganza! 

5. Whatever fashion statement you are trying to make, just make sure your COMFORTABLE...you will be wearing it the whoooooooooole day, as you are not allowed to come and go from the festival unless your a VIP.


Hoping you find my tips helpful. Make sure to check out Boho Lifestyle for all your BottleRock fashion needs and be sure to check back next week for my next local collaboration - and grab your gear early!!

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