{Photography: The Folks Behind The Lens of VineLiving}

{Photography: The Folks Behind The Lens of VineLiving}


Recently it seemed like everyone had put out a post about photography! I definitely wanted to join that bandwagon, because I personally found everyones advice and information extremely helpful! What type of camera do I use? Which lens do I shoot with? What type of editing programs etc. If you had asked me any of this a year ago, I would have laughed in your face, because I had no idea and didn't pay attention, it was more a fun hobby at the time. Flash forward to right now and I am shooting with a camera that is smarter than me (Canon 5D Mark 11), I can semi find my way around Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (semi being the key word) and I only own the following two lenses (Canon 70-300mm EF L and Canon EF 17 - 40 mm F4.0 L lenses).....I don't own a light reflector screen, however that is definitely an investment worth getting now, even at the beginner level because it is only $50. Where as I really want the Canon 50 mm prime lens, but that is REALLY expensive and I keep telling myself I won't buy it until I am proficient in shooting manual ! So if you don't understand half the stuff I just said, I wouldn't blame you. This entire world was so foreign to me and now, its my world! Crazy.


My Gear

When it comes to my kit, I use my 17-40 lens to shoot wide angles and outdoor shots of buildings, vineyards, me up against a wall in a fashion shot, or certain food/wine shots. It really isn't the best lens for food, but I get the job done! When it comes to shooting outfits and trying to get that bouquet in the background all fuzzy/creamy, I use my 300 mm lens which zooms in great for up close face shots, neck detail of different outfits, earring detail shots, make up, etc. Honestly though when it comes to the majority of fashion photos you see, I work with a lot of very talented people who help me look a lot more talented than I am! When it comes down to it, the words mean a lot, but people love pretty pictures! Am I right?


My People

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers, some local to Napa and the Bay Area and some from far away like LA or NYC. I wanted to highlight the people whom I work with most and have shot for my blog at least 3-4 times each! I asked them all to choose their favorite image of me and what THEY love to photograph if they could just take their favorite type of images for the rest of their lives ! Please read below to see what they said and which pics they chose vs what I chose ! 

1.Polly Jean Turrentine 

PJ's Favorite Photo ! 

PJ's Favorite Photo ! 

Two of my favorite photos shot by PJ

Two of my favorite photos shot by PJ


PJ as she is known by most of her friends, is someone I consider a friend and someone I feel very lucky I get to work with! She moved to Napa a few years ago from the South and has the most infectious positive energy you will ever have the chance to be around! When I asked her about her favorite type of photography to shoot, she said "My favorite photography to shoot is candids and action shots. I like to capture people in their elements. The perfect shot to me is to see a photo and say wow that's so mal or that's so paradigm etc. I like storytelling photography, especially working with bands and performers. I learned photography while working for a production company and focusing on musicians and editorial pieces," When I asked PJ why in the heck she continues to work with me and why she submitted this photo, she said,  "You're sassy and the whole package. It's a genuine laugh and you aren't posed. It's fun!" While PJ loves shooting action scenes and events, she is multi talented and can help with a number of photo requests! Don't hesitate to reach out and see if she's available for your next engagement shoot, product shoot etc. http://www.pjturrentine.com/photography-momentum/

 2. Andy Nyugen 


When I asked Andy what his favorite type of photography was, he said "Photography is a passion of mine, so I love to shoot anything and everything I can capture. Anything captured through my lens is "A ticket to return to a moment otherwise, gone."" I personally use Andy to shoot my fashion stuff, but he is skilled in shooting Real Estate, Events, Families etc....he also has lots of fun toys, aka a drone that can get you some epic winery videos and every lens known to man. On the flip side, he also served and protected every US citizen in the US Air force for 12 years and is a combat veteran of the following missions: Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. He is clearly a very talented shooter, but he traded in rifles for a Canon Mark Series! Definitely reach out to him to book your next shoot! http://blendedpixel.strikingly.com

3. Mariana Calderon


I just recently met Mariana through my other world - WINE. She works at a winery literally across the street from me at my full time job, but we didn't even meet there. It wasn't until she was hired by a mutual friend and peer to shoot their wineries bottle shots/events/head shots that I met her shooting an event I was invited to! I of course being the overly friendly person I am, marched up to her and asked if she ever wanted to shoot some fashion stuff and she replied with the best answer ever, "Well I'd really love to shoot with Boho Lifestyle, I just love their style." Well you just happen to have met someone that shoots with them once a month! We have only shot together now a few times, but she is the absolutely best, with incredible energy, so sweet and positive. She recently settled in the Napa Valley with her husband, but she is born and raised in Costa Rica where she worked full time as a photographer, shooting everything under the sun, but definitely has love of shooting people! Reach out to her for your wedding, family portraits, newborn, winery events, head shots, you name it! http://www.marianacalderon.com

4. Tim Kennedy

Tim and his wife Kaethy are an unstoppable duo. They have lived in Wine Country for 5+ years now, after grinding away in show business in Los Angeles for the majority of their careers. They produce videos for wineries like PlumpJack, CADE, Odette, Shafer, Shannon Ridge Winery etc. While Tim's first choice isn't fashion photography, he has taken pity on me and helped me out a bunch of times, thank the lord that he loves wine ;) If you are looking for someone to produce, direct, shoot and edit your next winery video, shoot your bottle images, absolutely reach out to Tim and Kaethy! 

5. Rachel Radcliffe


Rachel is such a sweet gal whom I met through Instagram ! I feel like meeting through Instagram in this blogger world is not uncommon and probably more common, so the fact that everyone else I shoot with I know not from the blogging world, kind of cracks me up! I've converted them all to lifestyle/fashion photographers  (insert evil laugh)... Rachel on the other hand works with all the Bay Area bloggers (Two Peas in a Prada, Justina Vanessa, Classtige, Shoes and Shashimi) and shoots high fashion models as well! She loves boudoir shoots and really fun theatrical art driven shoots too. She is as sweet as can be, professional, timely and dependable. I truly cannot say enough things about working with her! Just wish I lived closer to her to shoot all the time ! Definitely check her out for your next lifestyle, fashion, boudoir, couples, engagement shoots etc. Check out her website HERE !

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