{How I Accessorize In Wine Country: Favorite Local & Online Finds}

{How I Accessorize In Wine Country: Favorite Local & Online Finds}

When I was a young girl I loved loved Claire's Jewelry Store, you could run in and grab 10 things for $10.....earrings, bracelets, rings, you name it! I have come a long way from my Claire's days and now as it stands, I tend to be very judicious when it comes to jewelry purchases and the items I buy, I end up wearing until they literally wear out! If you came to my house, the items in my closet that get the most love are definitely CLOTHES, then purses, then shoes, then hats, then jewelry, that's just my MO.....so anything that I wear is incredibly special. With that being said the items below are a combination of gifts I have received from local vendors, items I've found online and some I personally picked up along the way. 

When It comes to getting dressed for work or play in Napa I can truly play dress up! There is NO dress code here, besides the general: don't wear shoes that you will fall and trip in (lots of rocks and uneven surfaces in napa, especially during wine tours), layer for unknown temps in caves/wineries/tasting rooms and break out your hats!! 

Photography by Mariana Calderon Photography


This topper below I found at Boho Lifestyle in Downtown Napa. It was $18.99 and one of the best purchases ever! If you want to look hip with only one accessory this summer, go with a flat brimmed hat, could be any color, that flat brim though is absolutely key. Wear the hat tilted resting on the crown of your head and showcase that gorgeous face! 

Pro tip: this is an accessory, not a sun protection item, so make sure to wear your sun block still!!


This Kendra Scott pair came from my subscription with RocksBox. They send you three pieces of jewelry at a time, no shipping fees and you can ship back in a prepaid envelope at any time and receive as many boxes per month as you want for just $21 per month! At the end of the month, use your $21 credit towards any purchase of jewelry, and if you purchase an entire box you automatically receive $10 off!! I was skeptical of this service at first, is it going to be too much of an inconvenience? Will I like what they send? Will the stylist understand my style? The answer to all of these questions, a resounding YES! You are basically the stylist and if you don't like what you have received, just tell them and pick out all your own choices, all from high end designers! Get your first month free with code VINELIVINGXOXO ........ I highly recommend it!


If we have ever met in person, you are probably aware of my love for Rose Gold!! My wedding ring is rose gold and that accessory really sets the stage for the others. In this shot you can see my trusty Marc Jacobs rose gold watch, it's a favorite, doesn't even tell time anymore (I know!!) and I still love it....yes I know I can fix it, but my iPhone works just fine for the time being! 


This is probably the accessory I utilize the MOST next to wearing my wedding ring! I just love love sunnies, this particular pair is from the American Eagle outlet in Napa and they cost $16 !! I have a lot of expensive pairs (Prada, Chanel, Ray Bans some of my favs) and inexpensive pairs (Quay, $50 - 70 and Sisters Napa Valley always has great cheap pairs for $20 - 40), I am an equal opportunist!


This necklace was a generous gift from Boho Lifestyle and was part of our swag bags from the Wine Country Bloggers Who Brunch event in early July ! I basically haven't taken it off since I received it. It has become my favorite piece of dainty jewelry and is obviously in line with the theme of this post - you wear hot air balloon necklaces in wine country, that's how you accessorize for wine country LOL. $12.99 at Boho Lifestyle


This Olive and Poppy bangle is made out of recycled wine barrels, yes you heard me correct, wine barrels!! They were very sweet to include these and a pair of their stud earrings also made out of recycled wine barrels! This isn't my first experience with Olive and Poppy, they have been around for a while - two local gals who have worked in the industry, both with a love for jewelry and wine, they created Olive and Poppy using recycled winemaking materials and focusing on Napa Valley as their theme, their jewelry is some of my absolute favorite stuff I have found anywhere! If you're visiting Napa, they sell most of their stuff at local wineries, so make sure to take home a CHEERS necklace, one of these gorgeous bangles, or a "Rose All Day," wine tote!! Full disclosure, beyond the gifts they gave us for our brunch, I already owned their honeycomb ring, cheers necklace, barrel cufflinks (gift for my hub) and their tassel key chain - I am pretty sure they need to start and OP support group and I will join lol. They seriously have the cutest style, check more out HERE!!


More Bracelets

This piece was also a gift from our swag bags during the Wine Country Bloggers Who Brunch event, it is lightweight and the perfect accessory to any outfit with a pop of pink!! Local artist Sherry Flammer created this specially for the bloggers gals brunch, which is SO special. I wear mine just as much as my OP bracelet, in fact I switch off which I wear on a daily basis! You can find more of Sherry's pieces at Sister's Boutique in Yountville!

Last but not least, my ROMPER! Of course ya'll need to know where I got this piece of sunshine! As you know I am lightweight obsessed with the American Eagle Outlet in Napa, mostly because of convenience and I like to try things on, I also have a AE credit card, so I am constantly sent discount cards and great deals online!! I literally scored this in store for $15 (marked down from $45), I picked up a couple other outfits too, so you'll see those on the blog soon! One day my goal of being an #AerieReal girl will come true! 

{The Work Appropriate Romper: Wine Country Edition}

{The Work Appropriate Romper: Wine Country Edition}

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