{How To Dress In Wine Country At Any Age: Labor Day BBQ}

{How To Dress In Wine Country At Any Age: Labor Day BBQ}


I love any excuse to get together with friends, especially one that includes food, wine and some of my favorite blogger gal friends! Blogging is so much fun, but what I've come to realize is, it's a lot of work! All the trips and goodies are awesome, but we have to shoot them and edit, write, post...it's not all free brunches and bottomless mimosas (I don't complain when that happens though 😊).  So it's really important that we all celebrate Labor Day, a day created for the working force, to simply take a break and relax !


One of my favorite blogger gals and I got together to show you how we do Labor Day Fashion! Adrienne from The Rich Life In Wine Country is a full time blogger residing in Sonoma County with her awesome husband Bill and their family. She is an amazing person I met through my full time job at Silver Trident Winery and she never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm towards blogging which has totally rubbed off on me! Collaboration is so important in this world and being accepted by veterans like Adrienne (she's been blogging for 8 years) is a godsend ! Thank you for being so sweet and welcoming to a newbie like me :)


We are both working on a post for the Bridging The Gap campaign that pairs a millennial blogger with a fierce 50 blogger.  You wouldn't guess it but Adrienne is turning 50 this year (like seriously we need to break into her bathroom and steal whatever moisturizer she uses)!!  With that being said, she chose me as her partner and since we actually live near each other and get together often we thought it would be fun to expand on our interview and the bridging the gap concept by bringing you a regular "How To Dress In Wine Country At Any Age" post. Our plan is to showcase ideas for how to dress when visiting our valley for people in their 20/30's and 40/50's ! 


If you live locally or plan to visit over the summer time/fall, this post will easily apply! When it comes to summer time I am all about dresses and especially any dress I can wear without a bra ! I know I won't always be able to do that, so I try to take advantage of that part of my 20/30's youth! Ha. Speaking on fashion trends that we saw over this summer, the mid length dress, romper, jumpsuit, skirt, etc. were all the rage! I took full advantage of the flattering silhouette (here, here and here)..and plan to transition this into fall with booties and a denim jacket. I also really loved that this dress was so feminine with the ruffled hem, I was easily able to go without shoes and still look uber BBQ chic ! I found this dress locally at Max Studio, they were having a great sale, it was only $48! My shoes are from Gap and my hat I found at Boho Lifestyle in downtown Napa!


Make sure to pop over to Adrienne's Blog The Rich Life in Wine Country and read her post on our "How To Dress in Wine Country At Any Age." 

Photography by Andy Nyugen  

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