Boho Lifestyle | Spring Dresses | What To Wear Wine Tasting

Boho Lifestyle | Spring Dresses | What To Wear Wine Tasting

Spring has been lingering around every corner in the Napa Valley. The mustard came and went and now all the gorgeous cherry trees have blossomed and vineyards are looking alive again after a brief stint of winter from January to February. This means the return of dresses, skirts and flowy linen favorite season of fashion. I don't typically dress based on trends, but when I do need something trendy and on point, I head to Boho Lifestyle in downtown Napa. I seriously will find at least 2-3 things every time I walk in that darn store! This last trip I was scoping dresses for Easter/Mother's Day/Cinco De Mayo/Wine Tasting etc. I was in luck because they had just stocked up on a bunch of fun Spring Dresses ! Below are some of my favorite finds for Spring.....some are still available in stores and some are available online. Make sure to check the links! In reality though this should just serve as inspiration for what you can wear when you come visit Napa Valley....totally my style and not sponsored at all!


Le Lis Print Cami Dress - $45

This dress is the epitome of spring/summer. We have a trip planned to Maui in June and you better believe I will be packing this gorgeous came dress. It is gathered at the center which gives me a great silhouette and it's not too tight which I love! Also it has two layers, so it really helps provide a smooth seamless look for me personally! They still have some in stock online, not sure about in stores...but give them a ring at Call Us: (707) 337-5870 to check in store availability!

Styled with Adidas Shell Toes, Lira Clothing Jean Jacket and Brown Suede Target Pumps - last season!


Umgee Floral Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress - Sold Out

This dress is awesome because it is really light weight, but also a navy color, so its not see through! The off the shoulder aspect is great, its elastic, but not super tight. I belted it with a brown studded skinny belt and then threw on some of my favorite brown was a fun look I actually wore on my birthday as well! 


Embroidered Floral Off The Shoulder Cinco De Mayo Dress - Sold Out

This dress isn't called the "Cinco De Mayo" dress, however it's what I will be wearing for Cinco De Drinko this evening! It's a super fun off the shoulder denim shift dress with a great floral embroidery on the front and arms! They most likely have other items that would be perfect for tonights if you're in a a last minute crunch to find an outfit, make sure to head down to Boho Lifestyle in Napa//1012 1st St, Napa, CA 94559....orrrrrr if you live in SF they just launched a brand new store on Chestnut Street!

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