The Jumpsuit: A Perfect Winter Date Night Outfit + Sage Life Advice

I have a confession to make and hopefully y’all can relate ! Sometimes in my blogging career I have felt my voice not sounding like “my voice” and I’m sure others have had this happen. You get busy and you want to pump stuff out to maintain your base, and what you end up pumping out, is a fluffed up, condensed version of what you really want to say. I find it hard in the blogging space to be honest without hurting feelings and especially with brands who’s products I may or may not have enjoyed ! The older I get I realize it’s business and I’m growing a tougher skin in taking criticism and giving it. I guess it’s not a horrible thing to be sensitive lol.

What to Wear on Valentine's Day No Matter the Dress Code

Talking all about what to wear on Valentines day, regardless if you like to keep it casual, spice it up, or what! You have probably figured out that I’m a casual loving dress type of gal. I like comfy, non form fitting things and I especially love maroon, burgundy, Marsala and anything wine colored... how appropriate, huh? In fact Marsala was my wedding color ! More on that later, make sure to read till the end for a special surprise !

Gifting A Unique Wooden Watch for Him this Valentine's Day

Valentines Day and Februrary in general is a very special time for my husband and I. We had our first date 2/26/2011 and we were engaged 4 years later on 2/12/2015. Needless to say when it comes to celebrating, we have a lot to be thankful for (and A LOT to celebrate). These are events where a home cooked meal won’t suffice as the gift ! I had to call in the big guns!