Family Holiday Photo Session With Mariana Calderon Photography

Family Holiday Photo Session With Mariana Calderon Photography


One of my favorite photo shoots this year was our family shoot. Probably because it’s the one time I get to drag my husband in front of the camera. I also love shooting with the pup, which is way harder than it looks. She miraculously stopped and smiled for this shot ! Pure miracle! The other reason is easy, getting to shoot with Mariana Calderon ! We met this past year and have collaborated many times, each so much fun and so inspiring. Mariana is from Costa Rica and she is quite the girl boss.. so you can imagine we get along great ;)  

She is multi talented; photography, video, hosting and drawing. She literally can do it all, creating is her passion. I love working with her because of how ridiculously positive she is and it makes me feel great which clearly shines through in these pictures ! I only wish she were around during my wedding !  

Speaking of weddings, Mariana is offering some great packages for brides starting at $2600... purchase before 12/31/17 and get $300 off! Packages Include engagement shots similar to what you see below !  I know it’s a little late for holiday photos, so I highly encourage any brides looking for a photographer to take advantage of her offer! When we were shopping around for a photographer for our wedding we were astounded at the cost people were willing to pay for photography, we weren’t comfortable allocating 6-10k for just Photography but obviously you can see we still wanted gorgeous photos. We ended up with a gal who was affordable but turned out to be a flake! It makes me wish we would have spent even $1000 more to not have had to deal with the drama. With starting rates of $2,600, Mariana is offering a HUGE deal to brides and very similar to what we paid for our own wedding. I literally wish I could go back in time and use Mariana for our wedding ! So take it from me ladies, you’re not going to find a better photographer in the Napa Valley that can capture moments like below.. call her before all her wedding dates book up! 


Enagement Shoot Tips & Tricks  

1. If your shooting with a dog, be sure to bring treats to help encourage good behavior during the shoot ! Same method can be applied to children ! 

2. Bring back up outfits, just in case something in nature happens: muddy dog feet on your skirt, you sitting in it, stepping in it etc.  

3. Location: Mariana is great at finding locations and quite honestly with her skill, the pictures of ours that were my favorite were of us pulled over on the side of Henry road; standing between a couple olive trees that line the road. We didn’t sneak on to anyone’s property, we just went somewhere that isn’t super busy! Some of my favorite photo locations: Henry Road (past artesa), Stanley lane across the highways from the pumpkin patch between the giant eucalyptus tree lined street, oxbow market grounds, Alston park, fuller park, Kennedy park, skyline park and so many other spots!


4. LISTEN! She will tell you to stand a certain way, or look a certain way and just trust her and listen! She takes gorgeous photos and knows what looks good so just listen !  

Enjoy !  

Photography by Mariana Calderon   

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