Which Winter Trends I’m Keeping & How I Am Saving For Spring

Which Winter Trends I’m Keeping & How I Am Saving For Spring


When it comes to Trends I find it hard to try them all. I’m fiscally conservative, even though I feel like I constantly purge money in this blogging world. I really consider purchases, especially when it comes to something like the newest “pearl embellished” trend. When I found this beret with pearls at Boho Lifestyle, I figured it was time to try the trend and honestly I'm really happy with the results, especially for only $17.99! I almost jumped into the newsboy/conductor cap trend but decided the beret was enough of a jump for now. What’s great, I find most of my affordable trends at Boho Lifestyle and it’s really nice having it to so close to be able and find pieces like this beret to experiment with, in addition to the fur vest you will see below as well! I absolutely LOVE the fur vest, typically I stray from them because they can add too much bulk to my figure, but this vest $39.99 was the perfect length for my body and actually lengthened my figure vs. making me look like a little box! They only have a few vests left in stock, so I would run down there and see what's left! However in normal Boho style, they have about 5 different vest options! Stock up now for these cooler months we will be having!! Ps... my black jeans are the Encore brand, tagged HERE and truthfully they are my favorite jeans right now, super stretchy and high waisted. I’m in LOVE! 


Can we chat about purging money and a few ways I’m saving and reducing my monthly bills?


1. Check your ITunes account and see what subscriptions or apps you are subscribed to! Do you even use or need them all? I was subscribed to 3 different apps at $2.99-4.99 a piece and iTunes Radio for $9.99 a month.. you do the math ! I was barely using any of these features and said buh-bye to $20 of expenses a month = $240 a year !!


2. If you’re married and not checking your discount options for combining insurance, medical and car, you could be losing and or saving money ! For instance, my husband and I both pay for our own medical insurance and it’s actually cheaper for us to pay separate on our own vs combined ! On the contrary, I am now saving $50 a month by having combined our auto insurance with our home policy! So if your not avidly looking into these things, you should and could be saving a ton!


3. Energy saving tricks ! We stopped using our central heat at night to maintain the temps and instead we use our Dyson Air purifier that has a heating option. It’s the perfect amount of heat for our little room and we don’t need the big heater which sucks up a lot of energy! e were gifted the air purifier by Dyson during the fires, it was a god send. We let my Mother in Law use it while her house did not have heat (it’s been restored) and now we are spoiled having it at our house. It’s such a great piece of machinery and saves us a ton ! 


4. Invest is a great coffee machine! We have a Jura Espresso machine and a single coffee cup maker by Hamilton Beach....we love them both and as a result, we NEVER stop at starbucks or anywhere for coffee....also have you seen that Swell is now doing a coffee cup version of their famous water bottles that heat insulate drinks? It is amazing and the best $20 you will spend! I found ours at Target!


5. My last and most important money saving trick, make sure you really NEED it! When I want an expensive item that is more of an investment, i always use the trick of waiting a week or two and if I still really want it, then I will go get it and of course, hopefully it's still there at the store!


If you’re considering investing in a trend, I highly suggest checking out Boho Lifestyle in downtown Napa, it truly is the place I go for those trendy pieces I’m on the fence about ! If you haven’t been, make sure to pop in and see them, they stay open late for all those after dinner shopping trips - any excuse to shop right ? 

Thank you Boho Lifestyle and Dyson for sponsoring this post  !! 

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