The Jumpsuit: A Perfect Winter Date Night Outfit + Sage Life Advice

The Jumpsuit: A Perfect Winter Date Night Outfit + Sage Life Advice

I have a confession to make and hopefully y’all can relate ! Sometimes in my blogging career I have felt my voice not sounding like “my voice” and I’m sure others have had this happen. You get busy and you want to pump stuff out to maintain your base, and what you end up pumping out, is a fluffed up, condensed version of what you really want to say. I find it hard in the blogging space to be honest without hurting feelings and especially with brands who’s products I may or may not have enjoyed ! The older I get I realize it’s business and I’m growing a tougher skin in taking criticism and giving it. I guess it’s not a horrible thing to be sensitive lol.

Below are two other things I’ve learned as I grow into my 30’s, haven’t mastered either but I know I’m learning to as I go !


1. How To Say No: this is such an underrated skill. I feel like all my friends with children have mastered it ! Know when you’re too busy, your family needs you, you need you and you can’t say yes to every invitation! I network for my job so of course that in and of itself makes things hard when it comes to saying no, but I feel like I am doing a better job everyday to put myself and or my dreams first and others dreams second, because at the end of the day you are your own best friend ! On the flip side I think it is important to mentally keep track of where your time is spent and don’t be that person who’s always ALL about thy self and the favorite friend, themselves. That’s not a good look either. They are always busy with their own shit and won’t make time for you, that’s not a friend... that’s an Acquaintance ! The other portion of saying no, is about saying no to work that isn’t right for you, it doesn’t fit your niche, and or the price isn’t right! Say no ! Don’t be afraid that you’ll miss the opportunity because trust me, there’s always going to be more opportunities out there ! 

2. Be Honest In Business: it’s business, it’s not personal? Right ? I’ve definitely learned a lot in this past year and I’m about to be learning a lot this next year as I open my own business. What I mean about being honest in business, is just how it sounds. People have feelings, yes, but if they ask your opinion about a product and give you something to review, tell them your honest thoughts, even if you got it for free and you feel bad, because it was free and you feel like you HAVE to love it ! I recently got this pair of custom fit insoles. They had two options and I ordered the half coverage for boots, booties and any shoe with a heel. Well I’ll tell ya what, they were not my favorite thing. They would slide down and not stay in my heel, but the padding/cushion was comfy except, then it put more pressure on the ball of my foot... ouch! I had to take them off within 30 min! Then I wore them with tennis shoes and after getting over the fact that they hit at a weird spot in the middle of my foot, I didn’t mind them. However none of that is the point, the point is for the first time in my blogger career I told the rep I didn’t like them, how I felt specifically and she was so gracious and nice. She’s sending me a full length pair to try which I think will be much better for me. I’m excited to check them out and at the end of the day, it turned into a positive. This isn’t even my post for them, but I’ll definitely include this honest review in my post when I’m ready! 

These are just two topics I’ve been learning a lot about lately! Also while we’re on the topic of honesty, I definitely edit my photos into a gorgeous reflection of what ppl want to see on the gram, but when it comes to blog posts these guys are edited by the photographer but I don’t apply any Facetune, retouching and or color editing at all!  


I found this gorgeous jumpsuit at Anthropologie and it was SUPER on sale... originally $167 and I got it for $35.. because this gal is a bargain shopper. Yeah I love a good pair of designer jeans, bags etc.... but I’m not a freak about labels !  

To me this is the quintessential date night look for the winter time, or while we transition into spring ! The suit is lined so it actually stays pretty warm, probably not something you’d catch me wearing in the summer. Pair with some booties to keep your feet warm and a nice fur jacket or blazer and your set ! My gal Mariana Calderon snapped these shots.... I threw in some behind the scenes shots that Melissa took of us! We were technically shooting this for Hill Family Estate Wines and Marianas portfolio.. but what’s great is I can use them to represent all kinds of ideas for a blog post, that’s kind of the fun thing about blogging... creating your own content, it’s all yours! 

Total sidebar: the SVP came out while we were shooting these at Silverado Resort and asked if we were the “photographer and models” for their company retreat going on inside - hahaha. Me the model? I guess since I was with Mel, all dressed up and with a photographer it seemed believable. That literally is my first thought, which is a conversation for an entirely different time. My brain is warped and I’m working on the whole loving myself and the fact that ppl my size and shape are models too, just not me... sorry for the ramble, but thought it was too fun not to share and now you know it’s something I’m working on. Guess I’m just one big fucking work in progress lol. Aren’t we all? Cheers !  



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