Health Transformation: How I Train To Live In Napa

Health Transformation: How I Train To Live In Napa

Week One Monday, July 31st, 2017 - Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Why week ONE you ask? I just started working with this amazing personal training team via Bare Health in Napa. Tessa Mini and Matt Kathol are an unstoppable duo, armed with some of the best knowledge of health, wellness and fitness. Matt has worked in the healthcare world for over 20 years, working as a consultant for large corporations in and outside of Wine Country (Genetech, Silver Oak Winery, Duckhorn Winery) and has trained professional athletes, musicians, corporate executives and normal people like ME! Tessa hails from the Napa Valley, but left quite some time ago to experience life outside of Napa. Her travels took her to Australia where she would become a professional body builder and competitor in open cross fit competitions, half marathons and also competed for a division 1 tennis team during college! She has been working professionally as a personal trainer for the last two years and personally maintains a vegan/plant based diet, that she is very passionate about sharing with her clients.


I have learned that while I know what's good for me, I was choosing things that weren't benefitting my efforts towards "eating healthy." Healthy is also very different to a lot of people. What it all boils down to is eating things that make you FEEL good, taste good and provide you with the most BANG for your buck! I am so excited to be working with Tessa and Matt at revamping my diet to help kick start my metabolism - I am afraid to say, my metabolism has been taking a seat on the bench since I started blogging and I am happy that change is on the horizon. We tackled a trip to Whole Foods to gather all the ingredients for my morning smoothie! This smoothie will be something I am supposed to have everyday - it includes some of the normal culprits: almond milk, banana, maca powder, turmeric, goji berries, mixed berries, bee pollen......can't give it all away!



We started this entire journey with one step, a postural analysis. The analysis is to identify weak spots on my body, help me target those areas to improve my overall muscle structure. We started the week focusing on small movements that are geared towards stabilizing muscles that were flaring up because of past injuries. I have a back injury from two years ago (SI Joint and Performis) and a shoulder injury from doing cross fit in 2010. Matt and Tessa are really sensitive to injuries and any concerns I had regarding my body, they have even said "I should barely be walking," which I didn't realize it was that serious, but it's amazing how not listening to your body can get you to this point! Below is a series of pictures from my VERY FIRST DAY at Bare Health. I also have a video included that is a demonstration of an exercise that seems very simple, but without the correct posture, it's basically you will see how attentive I am to the placement of my hands, feet and my lower back being flat towards the wall.

Week 1 Pictures


Week 2 Pictures



Small movements are so much harder than they seem. The military press and elbow touches are probably the hardest of the movements, because you really need to focus on PERFECT form while your performing these movements. Another thought, I am SO out of shape. Man did I think I was doing OK, but definitely in need of this help and feeling so fortunate that through my blog, I am able to connect and help promote their amazing business, which is literally feeling like a lifesaver!! We are focusing on a 6 week program to help address my injuries and physical weaknesses and I cannot wait to share the results with you on a weekly basis. I know the difference in the pictures above is not significant, but for someone who dissects every part of her body, I am REALLY happy with the results, less puffy/inflamed and my stomach is much flatter. I have been eating pretty clean in the last week, but honestly I had a dinner/event on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so aka, I drank wine all of those days and random food/ really just changing up the majority of my food and consistent workouts are what made a difference, while still enjoying and indulging....My hope is to inspire others that living a healthy life in Napa Valley is possible, but also balancing all of the goodies with health is also possible! Tessa and Matt offer Personal Training, Bootcamps, Yoga Sessions, Corporate retreats and so much more! Each week I will be touching on the topics featured here and sharing my progress pictures with you all! If anyone is worried of starting because you don't want to see a number on the scale or have them measure you, don't worry, because they don't! I haven't been weighed or measured yet, its all about posture and analyzing how you hold your body, the angles you have created from bad posture and correcting those, not about weight, its about how you feel!

Best Thing I learned This Week


Health Transformation: Bare Health Week Deux

Health Transformation: Bare Health Week Deux