Health Transformation: You Gotta Work, Work, Work, Work, Work....For Results

Health Transformation: You Gotta Work, Work, Work, Work, Work....For Results

I'm particularly excited to write this post because it's the post everyone wants to read! The RESULTS.... really just the semi results, update of what's changed ! This is a new lifestyle and definitely a journey that isn't stopping anytime soon, so I'm in no rush to lose weight, I want it to stay off ! Below is a round up from week 4 and below that a comparison from each angle, week 4 and week 5. 


Working with Tessa, Matt and the rest of the team at Bare Health I've lost 8 lbs in the last 5 weeks! You can definitely see it in my face, arms, stomach, back....pretty much overall which is I guess a nice thing I have going for me. Lol. I lose weight all over vs certain areas. Gotta look on the bright side always right ?

Tessa and Matt have become more than trainers, they are mentors and friends ! I work with one of them for a one hour private training session twice a week. I will sometimes pop in for group training sessions with their awesome team of trainers.  When I am not at BH I go to Health Quest and put in some cardio! I love to ride my bike as well and have been trying to ride to work twice a week (15 miles)... this damn heat (100+) has been killing my biking dreams but that's okay. I'm excited for a cool down this fall and some more opportunities before it starts raining ! Basically my weekly routine has been the following: 

Private Training 2 x week  

Cardio 60 min 4 x week  

Posture Exercises 5 x week  



I was at Nordstrom Rack of all places and found this awesome water bottle (glass, in a rubber case = no slip). It was totally one of those bored waiting in line "Oh I need one of those," moments! It was the best purchase. It has helped me keep up with my water consumption and I have been getting non-stop compliments that my skin is clear and glow-y... I credit that to the 110 degree temps and constant sweating lol! Jk.. I'm happy that results are appearing !! REALLY happy cause it's definitely a lot of work! I drink 3-4 liters of water a day! 



Never my strong suit, I always fail at diets lol. But who doesn't ? However I am pretty good at making alternative choices and somewhat limiting bad foods on regular basis. I'm eating more lean protein (turkey tacos, grilled chicken, Pork tenderloin), greens and less processed foods. Since I want to be 100% honest, I did have fast food this past weekend (it's busy season and I have 3 jobs) but it didn't taste good, so I'm excited about that, my mind has turned towards the good side and I'm no longer craving bad bad foods.. not talking burritos, just like BAD food lol. 


I'm so thankful for the team at Bare Health! They have helped me feel stronger, not scared of hurting my back every day, instead, I'm getting stronger every day! They have helped me change my attitude towards food and lifestyle and how those both play into wellness, which is the answer !  


If your recovering from an injury or never actually recovered and need help. These two are magicians at helping you get stronger and beat your injuries. If your just feeling plain outta shape, they will switch it up and never leave you bored. It's a serious deal. I'm warning you, results will occur. You can thank me later !

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