Robert Mondavi Summer Concert Series

If you haven't heard of Robert Mondavi Winery, then you probably haven't heard of the Napa Valley and with that being said, your most likely not one to read my the off chance you're still reading, I am about to unleash all the details you should know surrounding this epic excuse for a date night, gathering with friends and or a place to just go solo, because if you're from Napa, you will see about one million people you know there! 

Yountville Live 2018

To say I had the best time at Yountville Live, would be an understatement. I had an unbelievable weekend; meeting artists, watching amazing live performances, eating some of the best food from all over the Napa Valley and of course, tasting some of the best wines from wineries throughout the Napa Valley. If you have been following along you probably saw my post about Live In The Vineyard, that I covered in November 2017. Live In The Vineyard and Yountville Live are essentially sister events that take place in November and March each year. The main difference between the two is one you cannot pay to get into and the other you can. Yountville Live really acts as the public facing event you can purchase tickets to enjoy, whereas LITV you must win tickets through national radio shows, online contests etc. I have actually had a client ask me "How do I get into LITV," and I said, you have to win, or if you're like me, you have to write a blog! 

10 Activities To Do In The Napa Valley, With or Without Wine // Part 2

Winter time in Napa Valley has proven to be absolutely gorgeous, with very few wet days so far! That means you have the opportunity to experience all of the outdoor activities Napa has to offer, besides just wine tasting! We truly are blessed beyond belief to live in Napa, with so many different activities and events, you end up saying NO more than yes! If you are planning a trip to Napa or happen to live locally and you’re not the biggest drinker, don’t worry, because this is the guide for you! See below for some of my favorite things to do in my little town!