Robert Mondavi Summer Concert Series

Robert Mondavi Summer Concert Series


If you haven't heard of Robert Mondavi Winery, then you probably haven't heard of the Napa Valley and with that being said, your most likely not one to read my the off chance you're still reading, I am about to unleash all the details you should know surrounding this epic excuse for a date night, gathering with friends and or a place to just go solo, because if you're from Napa, you will see about one million people you know there! 


First things first, the concert series only runs in June and July annually and they will celebrate their 49th anniversary of their first concert this year. All proceeds are donated to Napa Valley Unified School Districts music programs! All ages are welcome, but I definitely think it’s an adult heavy evening, so if you have the option to leave the little ones at home with a sitter, I would! They offer food vendors: Zuzu Paella, Pico Modern Mexican, A16 Italian Pizzas, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and even chocolates from famed named chocolatier Vintage Sweet Shoppe. If you want to go all in for the full experience you can buy VIP tickets which include dinner in the vineyards and a private lounge just for you and yours to sit and enjoy the concert. The entire venue is pretty small, so there really is no bad seat in the house. 

If you’re trying to maintain a budget and don’t want to splurge on the $20 personal size pizzas and $15 burritos, you’re allowed to bring in your own food, just not your own booze - because you should be drinking Robert Mondavi Wines.. duh! They actually allow small coolers but don’t be fooled trying to sneak booze in, they check through you’re stuff at the door ! See below a list of things you cannot bring in, quoted from the website :


 “Not Allowed: Lounge chairs, tables, wagons, regular height chairs, alcoholic beverages, strollers, pets, barbecues, cameras, video or audio equipment.“

 I know this probably seems like a tease since you cannot go experience this until next year, but hopefully you can prepare accordingly and book your hotel now to save a couple dollars ! Or if you’re local like me, it’s now on your radar for next year ! Happy Summer friends ! 

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