Cliff Family Winery: Rise & Wine Breakfast Inspired Food & Wine Pairing

The Napa Valley is full of amazing wines, that is fact. The hospitality experience can sometimes be the difference for one wineries success to the next, not just the epic wines they produce...I know so sad that its not ALL about wine. As a local and wine industry professional it took me and the rest of the valley a WHILE to realize this, and additionally a little hit to all of our egos...what, they don't want to come and just drink wine, without a bread stick and no gorgeous views? I know what a weird concept right? (So much sarcasm - so hopefully y’all have picked up on that if you read my blog regularly).

Miner Family Winery | Prepping For Summer With Their Newly Released White Wines and Rose

Rediscovering places in your own backyard is key to happiness. If you’re always looking outside your sandbox, you’ll never be happy with YOUR sandbox. Living in the Napa Valley makes it pretty easy to be happy with where you call home. At least for me, I was quick to realize how fortunate I was to call Napa my home. Miner Family Winery is all about family and has a rich history with their Owner Dave Miner having grown up helping at his uncles winery back in the 1980’s and 90’s... all the while he was learning what it would take to make it in the business of wine !