Winery Spotlight: Viader Vineyards & Winery

Winery Spotlight: Viader Vineyards & Winery



Located in the Napa Valley in a small town called; Deer Park, just outside of St. Helena. Their winery, caves and vineyards, provide a gorgeous backdrop to your privately curated wine tastings. They are a certified green property, with a lot of their sustainability efforts very noticeable in features on the property. I had been to Viader once before but never got to experience their seated wine tastings or cave tour! This time I was in for a treat because I got to bring one of my favorite photographer friends with me to capture it ALL!

Photos by Mariana Calderon Photography



If you are a connoisseur or collector this is the location for you! The entire family is involved in the winemaking process, with Alan Viader at the helm of production, his mother Delia Viader was the founding Winemaker and Janet Viader his sister runs all things operations ! Truly they all share tasks I'm sure as is with any family business. They have created a name for themselves creating gorgeous Bordeaux blends from their estate vineyard. The vineyard sits on the rocky slopes of Howell Mountain at 1300 ft elevation. The elevation affects the vines by forcing them to reach a further depth as they grow to be able to source water. The hillside terrain and weather stress the grapes providing a thicker skin which results in rich tannins and concentrated fruit ! If you really are a collector you have probably already heard of Viader, because they have been around for a while ! In fact I have a fond memory of a sommelier friend bringing over not one but TWO bottles of Viader for a dinner party - we felt like big shots drinking expensive wine and this was back in 2007! Shows you how old I am :)



The owners have enlisted a fantastic team of men and women to lead private tastings. They offer a couple different types of tastings by appointment, their standard tasting starting at $65 and their library tasting at $95 per person. They are truly a red wine house, so come prepared to have some delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and many more !



Viader simply has it going on! They make delicious wines, they have a stunning property and they're staff will make you feel right at home! I know they made me feel comfortable even when I insisted on taking 1000 photos, of me ;) hehe! If you're coming to Napa definitely plan a day to visit Howell Mountain and put Viader at the top of your list !


Outfit Details // Yellow top: Sisters Boutique // Shorts: American Eagle // Shoes: Chinese Laundry // Bracelet: Olive and Poppy // Hat: Wunder Boutique 

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