Winery Spotlight: Piazza Del Dotto In Oakville

Winery Spotlight: Piazza Del Dotto In Oakville

The Del Dotto family is legendary in the Napa Valley. They own multiple winery locations and have a reputation for offering up some of the best hospitality around! Additionally guests are fanatics when it comes to their wines, especially their barrel tasting experiences at their Atlas Peak and St. Helena locations! I have been blessed to experience their Atlas Peak experience before this, so I was very familiar with their style! Their newest winery Piazza Del Dotto is a familiar addition to their other locations, however they decided to really step up their culinary game with this spot!


I was delighted to try their new Delicacies experience, a five course food and wine pairing experience. Anytime your meal starts with Caviar, you know it can only get better from there. This bite below, is the "Potato Pave Smoked Passmore Ranch Steelhead Caviar and Caper Curd,"  and it was probably my favorite bite, but once you see the rest, you'd understand the struggle to pick just one favorite dish! They paired this first bite with their 2016 Piazza Del Dotto Sauvignon Blanc, which couldn't have been more perfect! If you know anything about me I am huge white wine fan, so the fact that they had so many different white wine varietals to choose from, was just magical!


Our Second course was comprised of a Maine Lobster Roll on Toasted Brioche, paired with their 2015 Chardonnay Fort Ross - Seaview Sonoma Coast. I am typically not the biggest fan of things lobster related (I know! How dare I not love one of the worlds favorite indulgences) but this was the BEST lobster roll I have EVER had in my life. Such a delicious bite of heaven. The pairing was definitely top 2 !


 I am sure in the future they will include a tour of their wonderful caves when they are finished. They have more than 30,000 square feet of caves currently being built into the hillsides of Oakville. Alas we sat and ate and drank, which wasn’t the worst alternative, I just mention to cave thing because the Del Dotto brand is so famous for their cave experiences; so rest assured one is coming! 


Our third course was SO delicious and paired so well. We were treated to a pasta dish with a sofrito, tomato, bacon and Del doodles (Parmasean crispy chip that the chef for Piazza created himself - looks like a noodle), they paired this with their Fort Ross Seaview Pinot Noir ... I like that they are straying away from Napa specific AVA’s and they focus on cooler climate varietals, which I may add, tend to be more food friendly to start !  


Our Fourth course was your atypical pairing of beef and Cabernet Sauvignon, however not what you typically see at a fine wine tasting lunch.. we were given the most heavenly slider of snake river farms Kobe beef, brioche bun, with gooey cheese and aioli, oh and I almost forgot the fresh shaved black truffle!!! I can still taste it !  


The Fifth and final course was actually my favorite and it’s going to be a surprise because typically I’m not the biggest desert fan, this Goat Cheese Cheesecakes Torte, was so F’n delicious. I could have ate an entire cake. I want the recipe ! The Torte paired with a sweet desert wine, which was perfect because of the tartness of the goat cheese. Piazza Del Dotto really nailed the whole Food and Wine Pairing and at only $95..make sure you book it NOW and go check it out! They probably won’t keep it at that price point for long! If you don’t have time for the full lunch, they also offer a program that’s a light version called the “Poppers” tasting, so be sure to give them a call and add them to your list for your next Napa trip! 


What I’m Wearing

Dress/ Tay & Grace

Shapewear / Knickers & Pearls

Sandals // Kenneth Cole

Bag // Rebecca Minkoff

 Photos by Mariana Calderon 

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