Winter Wine Tasting : My Favorite Places To Cozy Up And Taste Wine In Napa

Winter Wine Tasting : My Favorite Places To Cozy Up And Taste Wine In Napa

Sooo it’s not really “winter” here yet. It’s supposedly going to rain this week, but I’m not holding my breath! However, it has been pretty cold. I want to give you a run down of wineries that particularly shine with a great indoor ambiance to enjoy during he bad weather months. We will eventually get rain, I think? SMH. This list isn’t in order of greatness, just random!  


1. Eleven Eleven: Located in the city of Napa. Their tasting room reminds me of a a scene out of Arabian nights, plush couches to lounge on, Turkish style gold glasses for water, fabric draped all around in rich burgundy and purple hues, it provides a really unique back drop for their delicious wines ! Speaking of wine, they produce Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. You must make an appointment to visit this hidden gem, but trust the extra effort of picking up the phone or shooting an email to secure your tastings, is WELL WORTH IT! 


2. Reverie Winery: located in Calistoga, this off the beaten path winery boasts an amazing outdoor setting at their historic diamond mountain site, however they recently spruced up a bit and added a gorgeous seated tasting option indoors! They make amazing Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Tempranillo and many more fun varietals - including Cabernet Sauvignon! It’s a gorgeous spot for a date or take a group of friends ! Definitely make an appointment !


3.  Fontanella Winery: Located in the city of Napa, just up the hill from first street and downtown Napa, Fontanella feels like your millions of miles away from civilization. It’s peaceful and serene with a beautiful pond to gaze at as you sip on their estate Cabernet or Zinfandel ! They also make a great Port for any of you port lovers out there ! You have to make an appointment to visit, but that’s really to your benefit! Make sure and request a greeting from Bert Reynolds ! Trust me he’s a lot cuter and hairy in person ;)


4. Acumen Wine Gallery: this sexy spot is located in downtown Napa, flanked by an art gallery on one side and a sleek tasting salon on the other, they are making a name for themselves in the downtown Napa scene and showing others how it’s done ! I love everything about their tasting room, especially the wines ! Their Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon and my personal favorite the Sauvignon Blanc ! Definitely worth a gander :) open to the public and walk in gallery tours and tastings available ! 


5. Shadybrook Estate : Are you a horse and wine lover ? Ever think of combining the two? Now you can with their ultimate wine tasting experience, an hour and a half long trail ride, then ends with a wine tasting on their patio and perhaps a little bocce or corn hole? An adult playground is the best way to describe it ! Of course they have a great indoor sitting area to taste at also, so that’s why they make this list ! Make sure to call and make an appointment if you wish to visit !


6. Vintners Collective: Where else can you taste 15 different amazing small producers at one time ? No where ! Haha .. well maybe, but they aren’t as cool as this spot ! VC has been around forever and represents some of the best small cult wine producers in Napa Valley.  Personal favorites are Ancien Wines and Tournesol ... make sure to put this spot on your list ! Open to the public or by appointment for their elevated experiences!


7. Ackerman Family Vineyards Aviary: This is a classic Victorian home that’s been renovated into a winery and tasting salon called the Aviary ! They pour their wines and their winemaker Rob Lloyd's personal wine brand there too.....delicious wines including: Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Such a fun and unique tasting environment and tour - you may encounter a ghost on site, just saying. Highly recommend adding to your list for interesting spots to visit and AMAZING wines ! 


8. Silver Trident Winery: an obvious choice when you ask me ! Silver Trident thrives when it comes to indoor ambience ! They are completely decked out in Ralph Lauren home decor and designed to look like a swanky home nestled on the side of Washington street in Yountville ! Walk in and your immediately greeted with Rose and offered the option of your tasting with or without their food pairing, but when someone offers you food the obvious answer is YES, I’ll take it, so always make sure you leave room for just a couple nibbles when you visit Silver Trident! They focus on Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon and of course, super gorgeous everything to look at !


Enjoy your next visit to the Napa Valley and make sure to let people know you found them through VINELIVING! 

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